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Thread: Parents Vow Renewal

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    Parents Vow Renewal

    my parents 25th wedding anniversary is in three years. my mom has always talked about wanting a renew her vows. i am wondering if i could surprise her with planning her one. i think that i can rally my brothers, sisters, aunts, etc to work with me on this. my wedding is in 1 1/2 year so i will have more than enough time to plan another one. after all, i will have tons of experience by then.

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    Re: Parents Vow Renewal

    what a great idea to honor your mom and dad. you could use some of the same decorations from your wedding. would you have this in a church or their home or where? keep us informed.

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    Re: Parents Vow Renewal

    i have planned a combination like this quite a few times at both palace and sandos properties in mexico. they were planned as a destination wedding for the couple and i've done it a couple of different ways.

    in one, we had a destination wedding for the couple earlier in the day - i believe it was a 1:00 wedding - then we had time for all the photos to take place and we pretended like we were just going to a different location on the property for photos, but there was another wedding setup there. then we surprised the parents with a vow renewal ceremony - it worked out great because everyone was still all dressed up, the photographers and videographers were still there - it was fantastic. then we had the joint reception that night.

    the other one, we held on separate days - this was a bit trickier because we had to be sure all of the guests knew they needed to extend their stay. the couple were married on say saturday, and then they all had a day off to rest and recover, and then we had the vow renewal for the parents on sunday. this of course, did mean we had to have all of the set ups again, but believe, it can be done in a way that still gives you great value for your dollar!

    and of course, there have been lots of times where we have the destination wedding and then we start planning for the vow renewal (and as kind of a reunion for everyone to plan another trip together) for a year or more in the future!

    which way do you think would work best for your family?

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    Re: Parents Vow Renewal

    my parents were married in december in the northern united states. planning a vow renewal around their anniversary date but in a tropical resort would be a fantastic surprise.

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    Re: Parents Vow Renewal

    i wish my parents had gotten the chance to renew their vows. my father passed away just after their 28th wedding anniversary. my mother has always wanted to travel and a destination vow renewal ceremony would have made them both so happy.

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    Re: Parents Vow Renewal

    a surprise vow renewal would be a wonderful idea. i am sure that it would mean so much knowing that it had been planned by the children and other family members. having it in a beautiful destination wedding location would make it even more amazing.

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    Re: Parents Vow Renewal

    we planned our parents' 50th anniversary and wedding vow renewal for them and it was an absolute joy to see such enduring love being celebrated by all, young and old. it was a really beautiful ceremony.

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