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Thread: beautiful places

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    beautiful places

    let me share here some most beautiful places which are best to enjoy long vacations.
    bora bora
    new york city
    rio de janeiro

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    Re: beautiful places

    nehal ,i would like to share with you that you have shared such a nice list of some beautiful places names in your post .i have noted these all names in my diary and try to go there to see one of them when i will get a chance in my future free time .i hope it will be a good time for me .nice sharing dude.

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    Re: beautiful places

    scarlett! really good to see that you have liked my shared names of places. i really like all the places and have visited these once in my life and want to now from you that you have expored thee places ?

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    Re: beautiful places

    nehal ,no i have never explored these all places in my life before in my life but after seeing it i will like to go there as soon as possible .anyway,would you like to share with me your favorite place in all of them ?

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    Re: beautiful places

    nehal, i would like to say that you have shared nice names of the vacation spots here and here i am going to tell you that i have visited many places from this list. new york city is the name of my most favorite cities from these which is loaded with stunning landmarks to watch out and have an enough fun time.

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    Re: beautiful places

    nehal! there are no doubt all of these shared places names are beautiful places around the world for traveling. i also like these places for traveling. new york is the top of the list due to niagara fall. anyhow, i want to know your views about niagara fall. would you like to share here?

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