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Thread: MY favriote destinations

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    MY favriote destinations

    i am going to share with all of you some destination names that i have explored during my different tour.
    fiji , nyc,
    boston, miami beach,
    grand canyon,
    the great smoky mountains,
    the yosemite national park, washington dc.
    niagara falls, 1000 islands, central park
    napa valley
    so guys what say about these destinations??

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    Re: MY favriote destinations

    there are many places throughout the world but niagara falls, is my most favorite. here, i would like to say with all of you about my experience at niagara falls. i have to make a visit at there once a time in my life and have great fun time at there and enjoy the lot natural beauty of this falls . i really like this place and like to suggest must make a visit at there and so sure about that it will prove really good destination for visiting.

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    Re: MY favriote destinations

    i have always wanted to travel to italy. i have an italian heritage and i would love to go to the many places that my ancestors lived when they were growing up. as for the places you have mentioned, the grand canyon is my absolute favorite. i went there a few years ago and i was completely mesmerized by the beauty.

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    Re: MY favriote destinations

    really good to see that both of yours views about your favorite places. i really like this and so sure about that it will be really great and god for both of you to try out any of them a place for having fun.

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    Re: MY favriote destinations

    i am going to share with all of you that you have shared really useful information and attraction names here. after seeing it i am so sure that these all shared views will very helpful for all those people who have never explored these places before in his life .i am mush impressed your shared views and must share with my dad in next week .i hope will like it .

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    Re: MY favriote destinations

    scarlett! really good to see that yu have liked my shared names of attractions.i really like this and quite sure about that these names will prove really useful fo you as well as your father and so sure that they will really like these names.

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    Re: MY favriote destinations

    i think it is really a good topic o talk about the favorites destinations. here i will like to take the name of my most favorite destination all over the world which is maldives. i am a huge in fact biggest fan of this destination where i love to spend my whole life because it is really very beautiful area.

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    Re: MY favriote destinations

    my favorite destinations are like poolside or beach. as we can have fun in the water and relax on the beach. me and my family planning this vacation on a beach. so one of my friends suggested to look at this websites like dollboxx and swimweargalore, where one can get the essential things like bikinis and other accessories like eye glasses which will be helpful at the beach.

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    Re: MY favriote destinations

    katherinenel, i think beaches and poolsides are favorite for everyone to have a delighting time. your shared link of the website is also nice and i am hopeful it will be informative for thsoe who are searching for such kind of the stuff.

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