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    Getting around

    what are the travel options once our wedding party has arrived in st lucia? are we best hiring a car, or is there good public transport (buses etc)? we don't want to just stay within the resort the whole time, we'd like to explore a bit.

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    Re: Getting around

    hi seashellbell!

    as st. lucia is mountainous it's recommended to hire a driver if you want to go exploring! there are also several tours ( by car or by boat !) that explore the island!

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    Re: Getting around

    is that generally the same for the other islands - are they all mountainous? we haven't picked a location for my mum's wedding yet, but i know she and my step-dad will want to do a lot of sightseeing as it's their first time overseas.

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    Re: Getting around

    no- the caribbean has quite a few islands are quite flat, or with just a few peaks. aruba, antigua are a couple of the more popular and flatter caribbean islands!
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    Re: Getting around

    i might sway more towards antigua in that case (st lucia is our other option). if my cousin comes, i won't want her to feel like she's missing out on any sightseeing because of being in a wheelchair, and getting around a flatter island will surely be easier.

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    Re: Getting around

    st lucia is a new name for me i never been there in my life till yet but like to make a move at there and so sure about that it will be really good and nice for me to try anything like this for sure for having fun.

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    Re: Getting around

    according to my father point of view, st lucia is the best place for having fun throughout the world and he had a good experience about it . he told me that it is filled with many attractive views which we will enjoy during the tour . due to his experience, i will like to tell you must go there and see its beautiful views in your life .

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    Re: Getting around

    going to share with all of you some adorable views of st lucia that have shared by my one friend with me last night.

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    Re: Getting around

    nehal, i would like to say that you have shared really brilliant and attention grabbing views of the st lucia with all of us here. all of the pictures are taken beautifully and a great example of the beauty of the plce. keep sharing like this dude.

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