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Thread: Tahiti!!!!!!

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    Talking Tahiti!!!!!!

    has anyone ever been to tahiti?

    it looks a little pricey, but its it worth it?

    my husbands been talking about vacationing in tahiti for months now.....but i'm just not sure.

    i was thinking about surprising him for our wedding. he'll be really excited if i finally give in!

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    pricey yes - flights are usually between 800-1500 per person! everything is more expensive than what you'll find in the states as so much has to be imported!

    worth it- yes!! your every sense will be fully engaged- not only is it beautiful it even smells heavenly and the people are so warm and friendly!

    plus if you go i recommend visiting at least moorea & bora bora for a couple of nights, adds additional costs but each island is sooo different and amazing! of course with any island you'll find a wide range of accommodations and price points, and you'll find that you get what you pay for. the five star resorts are stunning, the 3 star resorts are basic.

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    Re: Tahiti!!!!!!

    some friends of ours went to tahiti for their anniversary. they have traveled a lot and they said this was the most beautiful place they have ever been. while the cost may be a bit more than you'd expect to pay, i think it would be so worth it even if you only went there once to experience the beauty.

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    Re: Tahiti!!!!!!

    the tahitian islands are gorgeous- each island offers it's own ambiance so a multi island stay is recommended! as an example- papeete has the best shopping, morea is verdant and lush, with mountains to explore- lots of excursions! while iconic bora bora is just mesmorizing and relaxing with the most beautiful water anywhere in the world (imho!)

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    Re: Tahiti!!!!!!

    we honeymooned in tahiti for 14 days! it was sooo wonderful! we stayed in an over the water bungalow for 4 nights and then took a 10 day cruise around tahiti. that made it a little more budget friendly for us and we got to see all the islands around tahiti!
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