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    Royalton St. Lucia

    i'm getting married in october at royalton st. lucia. i was really unsure about booking a new resort, but it seems like they have things worked out pretty well. our friends got married at royalton in punta cana last year and we had a great time. i think that took the pressure off booking a hotel without actually seeing it. never been to st. lucia, so this will be an adventure for sure. i'm just so excited to go! anyhow, just seeing if any other st. lucia brides are out there. happy hump day!

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    hello! i was at royalton st. lucia the week they opened! at the time, there were a few things not opened yet like the spa, resort shop, photo lab, etc. they were still doing landscaping and things like that, too. but, overall, i really enjoyed it and think it will be a fabulous resort! here is my photo album from my trip. be prepared for the ride from the airport. it will take over an hour, maybe two depending on traffic. the island is beautiful, but the roads are a lot of hills and turns because of the terrain. we took a small van to the hotel, but did a helicopter back to the airport on our way home. be sure to let us know what you think of the resort and tell us all about your wedding day!
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    Re: Royalton St. Lucia

    Great to hear, Shelli! Thank you! I keep reading reviews and am getting really excited! I look at your photos all the time now! The wedding is planned for the most part. We just need to make one last final payment. It is nice to be counting weeks now instead of months.

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    Re: Royalton St. Lucia

    It will be here before you know it! Then you can tell us all about it!
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