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Thread: Drinking age in St Lucia?

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    Drinking age in St Lucia?

    i was wondering about the minimum age required to drinking in st lucia. the reason being that there are quite a few older teenagers who would be attending our wedding. i do not want to deprive them of a few drinks especially during the celebration.

    there is some confusion among us whether the minimum linking age is 16 or 18. does anyone have the correct information?

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    Re: Drinking age in St Lucia?

    the drinking age varies from place to place but in st lucia the minimum drinking age is 18. it is really very thoughtful of you to find out about the minimum age for drinking so that the teenagers can enjoy.

    i too am expecting quite a few older teenagers to be coming to my wedding. you have given me an idea and i am going to make sure that they will enjoy while they are at my wedding.

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    Re: Drinking age in St Lucia?

    i really wish that the drinking age was lower. not because i encourage young people to drink but because almost all my cousins are between 16 and 18 years of age. they were asking me whether they will be allowed to have a drink when they come for the wedding but i said no. how i wish that they were able to drink a bit and enjoy themselves.

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    Re: Drinking age in St Lucia?

    i don't think it is advisable to let teenagers drink even if it is a wedding. not only does it set a bad example for the rest of the kids but i would never forgive myself for having allowed such a sin to be committed with children. i am a teetotaler and encourage people to experience the benefits of staying away from alcohol. it is better to experience the joys and sorrows of life in your senses rather than losing yourself in the stupor that alcohol temporarily provides.

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    Re: Drinking age in St Lucia?

    thank you for all your inputs. i have confirmed the minimum age for drinking in st lucia and it is indeed 18. i have conveyed the same to all the teenagers in my group and although some of them are disappointed it is good that we will be following the rules. after all it is going to be my wedding and i don't want anyone to break the rules while they are there. teenagers can enjoy themselves anyway because there is going to be plenty to eat and drink.

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    Re: Drinking age in St Lucia?

    it makes sense for the drinking age to be 18 and above. my kid brother who is in his teens has a drinking habit which he picked up from his friends. i am against any teens who may like to drink and i feel that there should be enough restrictions in place to prevent it from happening.

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    Re: Drinking age in St Lucia?

    i really do not plan on having alcohol at our reception. that may sound drab and boring to some, but we do not drink it at home or when we go out to dinner so why have it at our wedding reception? after all, it is our day so i think we have the right to make that decision. many of our friends would probably be shocked if they ever saw either of us drinking anyway.

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    Re: Drinking age in St Lucia?

    I am not a big proponent of drinking under 21. The younger people don't have the sense to stop at the requisite time. It would really irritate me if some of my cousins got too sloshed and I'm sure their parents wouldn't appreciate it either. I'm thinking of not having liquor too.

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