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    What's your budget for save the dates and invitations? Ie what would you be willing to spend on them? Have you maybe even been thinking of DIY ones?

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    I have seen some really cute invitations that are tri-folded. The bottom is the RSVP card and its perforated so you just rip it off and send it in. Save's some money in regards to postage because they can be mailed with a regular stamp and then the RSVP card is a post card stamp.
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    I think it depends on if you are sending a form invitation, too. If you are, that would limit the budget on the save the dates. We are doing a nice save the date only, so I spent more to get the ones I really liked. Prices vary sooooo much!!

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    We have decided to skip the formal invites and just do a nice save the date since we are doing a destination wedding. We spent about $300 on our save the dates. Our agent did some "inviting" too via email and our FB group, so that is helping a lot.

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    I am sending out invitations but not a save the date. I see no reason to send out both and with the cost of stamps, this can get really expensive. I am not crafty enough to make my own invitations so we will be buying all of them!

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