(it wouldn't all fit in one post..i tend to be wordy)

beaches restaurants a-

the beach party friday night buffet the food was great and there was a lot of variety!

seville - the italian restaurant is the most fancy place at beaches and everyone seemed to like the food there.

kimonos - we went to kimonos at sandals and loved it. everyone who went to beaches felt the same. the chefs are great an it's very similar to japanese hibachi back in the states.

arizonas - this was the only food taht i did not like during our who ten days at beaches or sandals. my dad had a bone in his chicken quesadilla and my fish sandwich wasn't seasoned very well.

the mill - we had a la carte lunch at the mill and it was maybe the best fish i had all week. the buffett was great too. very extensive and the kid's corner was great---always had chicken nuggets, fries, spaghetti and peanut butter and jelly!

each restaurant has limited options, but there are so many different choices of where to go to eat, so it's not hard to find something you like. people who are used to five star restaurants might have different views, but the food was sufficient for sure.

beaches water park - a

so much fun. there are two slides, one open and one enclosed. the enclosed slide is fast and pitch black. the other one is pretty fast as well. the lazy river is so much fun. they don't have inner tubes, you need to wear a life vest. at first we were turned off by that, but it was actually very fun and relaxing and the vest wasn't annoying at all. there are plenty of food (and ice cream machine) right by the water park and the pool and swim up bar are right there as well. we could have spent all day there!

beaches beach -- a-

there was definitely alot more sand and beach at beaches than sandals. the beach was beautiful and the swimming was great. there were at least 4 people in our group who got stung by jelly fish at sandals and beaches, so just be aware. also, there are a lot of bugs at beaches and sandals. make sure to wear bug spray. there are sand fleas at night at sandals (not sure about beaches, but assume so) especially put buy spray on your legs and ankles. everyone from both resorts got lots of bug bites on their legs. beaches also has a lot of trees an bushes, so more bugs flying around as well. there are alot of vendors walking the beach and they bug you, but if you ignore them or say no, they will go away.

beaches entertainment - a

the "players" were amazing!!!! we even had two employees come over and dance with us at our wedding. at the beach party, we had so much fun dancing the night away and learning lots of new jamaican dance moves. every night the entertainment at beaches was fantastic for both kids and adults. there were steel drum players playing traditional and modern pop music. the resort was very low on guests (off season) but all the staff did their best to make sure everyone had fun and we did not feel slighted at all for not having a full house!

beaches red lane spa - a-

i had my hair done at beaches and my sister had her hair and make up done there as well. we both had great experiences, my only complain was one of my bobby pins fell out like twice...not a big deal at all. one thing i didn't know bout was there is a "service charge" not the traditional tip. i had planned on giving a cash tip, but your room is charged a 12.5% service charge. the spa is pretty small, but they do the job!

sandals red lane spa - a-

i got a mani and pedi at sandals red lane spa the day before the wedding with simone. she did a great job. the pedi's are not in a traditional pedi chair, but a comfortable chair and a bucket of water. it worked well though. i waited an hour until going to the beach, and my pedi still got a bit smudged. i went back and she fixed it no problem. i think the humidity really made it take longer to dry.

beaches photography b (photographer a-)

we had collin, and he was very nice and took 134 photos of us! all the photos came out nice and we had blinding sun and i am very pale. he did not complain when my friend followed us down the beach and literally stood behind him as he took photos of us. i thought that was nice of him. we went to view our photos and ultimately chose 16 photos. we were able to see all our friends photos first, so we knew what ones we really wanted and what one we had similar from our friends. with our package we got one free 5x7 and we purchased 15 photos in 5x7 and on cd. it cost $360. please note that the "free" photo you get is not included on a cd. the quality of their photos is not great, and the kodak printing, etc is not that great. i know you have read a lot about that, but the printed quality isn't that great. my hubby had a seersucker striped suit and it looks all shimmery and pixilated since the camera quality isn't top quality. that is one reason why we didn't want to purchase too many. also, when we picked up our album, there was some smudging or "running" on one photo. like a black smudge which we complained about and got a new print printed. we also complained that we weren't told about the "free" photo not being included on the cd and they gave us an extra cd with the photo. they really are there to help you, so if you speak up and do it not too rudely, they will try to help.