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Thread: Beaches Negril Wedding Review Part ONE

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    Beaches Negril Wedding Review Part ONE

    hey all, we just returned from our wedding at beaches negril and stay at sandals negril.

    travel agent - a

    ta jennifer ( i met ta jennifer on another forum right after we got engaged. she has been there for us for two years through our initial booking at beaches turks & caicos to the 3 week until we were going to leave change to negril due to hurricane irene. her company is and she is a sandals/beaches certified specialist, so she has been to all the resorts and has trainings etc. given by sandals. she worked directly with sandals so we only had one point person for the whole planning process. i highly recommend her and almost all of our 20 guests booked through her. we went through a lot of stress when we had to change the location and she helped make all the changes and flights as well as information for us to make the decision to change the date or location.

    jet blue - a

    warning: if you are bringing your dress on your jet blue flight, they do not have closets on any of their planes and you will need to put your dress in the overhead bin. on our first flight (one hour connecting flight from bos to jfk) the flight was so full, my dress had to be folded on top of one of the bins. luckily on the flight to jfk to mbj (montego bay) there was an empty bin and my dress was able to travel alone laid out nicely. in both cases we asked the flight attendants for help and they did the best they could to accommodate the dress. if you have a larger dress or you don't like to "wing it" you may not wan to fly jet blue to ensure you are able to hang up your dress in a closet. however, jet blue was awesome in every other way and our travels and flight adjustments for last minute change to jamaica all worked awesome. just remember, you can always steam your dress at the resort (it cost $80).

    sangster international airport - a

    on the flight, you are given immigration forms. they are a little tricky so read it over carefully before filling it out. they use month/day/year for birth date and also the lines and boxes to fill out are somewhat confusing for name, address, etc. you also need to sign the immigration form like 3 times and also fill out the departure section. you will need that when you leave. i haven't flown international since i was 15 so all of this was so new to us.

    private transfer to resort - a+

    since i was nervous about the 1.5 hour trip on a shuttle with my dress (and we had a guitar for our ceremony) we purchased the $200 private transfer. since we had butler service, there was a cooler with beer, wine , champagne, water and juices a well as a plate of appetizers and chocolates. our car was a mercedes with flags that said sandals on the headlights. i felt like a princess!!

    sandals negril - a+

    when we arrived at sandals negril, we were immediately greeted by our butler, the sandals wedding coordinator andrea and the beaches wedding coordinator nickesha. we were given cold towels and our butler brought us to the beach grill and ordered us some jerk chicken. we sat in awe at the beauty of the beach and that we were finally there! we stayed at the swim up lagoon at the beachfront (sundowner building) and it was amazing. the only complaint we had was that it is the very end of the property and the property next door has a large and loud guard dog that barks. every single employee at both sandals and beaches were so friendly and genuine. we had am amazing stay at sandals. when going to beaches, we would request a cab ($5 per couple--most of the cabs are 6 person vans) each way. you can also walk 5-6 minutes down the beach to beaches sandy bay and take a free shuttle to beaches negril which runs hourly on the hour. staying at sandals and getting married at beaches worked well for us, but there were a few miscommunication that wouldn't have happened if we stayed at the resort where we got married. so many things are put towards your room, and even though the resorts are owned by same company, they don't have the same charge lines, etc and a few things weren't as easy. it wasn't too stressful and we definitely are happy our wedding was at beaches negril and we stayed at sandals.

    beaches negril wedding coordinator/meeting - a+

    when we arrived we knew our meeting was scheduled for the following day at beaches. we waited at the concierge (we were early) and were given mimosa! nickesha came and greeted us and we took a tour of the grounds. we knew we wanted the beach location and we loved what she showed us. we were given two options for our reception, the beach hut or a private area inside the mill (the main dinning area/buffet). we chose the beach hut which was directly next to the ceremony site. we chose beautiful beginnings and purchased the vision in white arch which worked excellent. (we did that in advance). we had also chosen the oceanside luncheon buffet which was cheese/crackers, fruit, salads, pasta with shrimp, steamed fish, chicken with mushroom sauce , veggies, roasted potatoes and tons of desserts and pastries. it was $40 per person and we also got kids meals for the two children under 8. for ages 5 and under it was free, and i think for the 7 year old it was like $12 or so. nickesha was great, answering all of our questions and bringing up small things we didn't think of or forgot about. i did bring all of the items i had printed out and mine was slightly moe updated than hers. for example, i had purchased something the week before we left and she didn't have that, so i showed her our chart and it was fine. she also gave us more champagne and everything was very easy. we also were able to get the ipod dock for free (i had read they charged you or it at the ceremony) as well have the photographer there for 30 minutes after the ceremony without buying a package prior too. they definitely do not urge you to buy things once you are there, they just want the wedding to be what you want and will work with you to make it right. we also did not book a rehearsal/welcome dinner. we were going to try out hardest to get them let us have 22 people in a private area without paying extra. we told all our guests we'd have a welcome dinner on thursday night and we set a place to meet. luckily, thursday night is the beach party night at beaches and nickesha reserved us a long table for 22 right up front.

    beaches ceremony & reception - a+

    our guests were told to meet at 10:30am by the big top bar and one of the other wedding department employees brought them down. nickesha came and got me, my dad and my sister (matron of honor) around 10:42 and the wedding begin right at 11am on the dot! we brought our own entire wedding script/vows and they read all of it. the general sandals vows are very religious, and legally they didnt' have to change any of our wedding for the ceremony to be legal, so it worked out very well for us. we didn't purchase an additional reception. we had the luncheon and after eating, we had about 30 minutes of dancing--all added by our ipod. it was great!!! dancing in the sand is hard so 30 minutes was just enough time. we also then proceeded to the ocean and jumped in! we made sure we had everyone take photos and also created a photo share site for everyone to upload their photos to. from the start we made it clear that we wanted everyone to take lots of photos as we didn't want to buy too many professional photos. more on that later. the whole day was amazing and the beaches staff at the wedding were extremely accommodating and made sure everyone had a drink, food, etc. one thing that i didn't know but loved was that in jamaica they have a tradition for cutting/eating of the cake. you don't do the us tradition of feeding each other the cake, you feed the cake through your mouth---like lady and the tramp style!! it was a great addition.

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    your review is great and will certainly help other brides- thanks for posting it ! we'd love to see picturs ..hint , hint !
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    Re: Beaches Negril Wedding Review Part ONE

    excellent review!! thank you so much for posting it, i know other brides will be so happy to learn from your experiences.


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    Re: Beaches Negril Wedding Review Part ONE

    omg, this is the wedding i want! you make it sound so beautiful and ridiculously easy! did they have someone to steam out your dress when you arrived since it might have gotten rumpled in the overhead bin?

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    Re: Beaches Negril Wedding Review Part ONE

    you can have it sent out to be steamed but really just hanging in the shower usually takes care of any wrinkles as it can be pretty humid!

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