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    Wedding Photographer

    do resorts offer a photographer for couples who are planning a destination wedding? is that something that is only available if you get married at the resort or can you use the photographer off-site?

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    Re: Wedding Photographer

    i've seen somewhere on this site that they do have photographers who will photograph your wedding for you. you can book it through your hotel or resort, they probably have a list of good photographers.

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    Re: Wedding Photographer

    yes, the resort does have photographers that will take your wedding photo's at sandals !

    i think you are asking if that photographer would be willing or allowed to take photo's outside of the resort as part of your package and no, unfortunately they do not. i'm sure you could get photo's near the entrance or very close by if you slipped them a few dollars they might even venture a little further!

    there are a lot of great photographers in almost every destination where there is a sandals that would love to set up a photo shoot off the resort though!

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    Re: Wedding Photographer

    this is good to know jennifer. thank you. i must check sandos for the same thing as that is where we are getting married. also, have you ever heard of putting a disposable camera on each table at the reception? this is for the guests to take pictures and then drop the cameras off in a central location as they leave the reception. i've seen some really good pictures taken this way.

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    Re: Wedding Photographer

    a dear friend advised me to make sure to ask to see the staff photographers portfolio when booking. i am certain that most who work with these resorts are both professional and talented, but it is always a good idea to know who will be taking your pictures.

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    Re: Wedding Photographer

    i agree- i'd ask for the portfolio also! another option is to book a photographer local to teh area who specializes in destination weddings! they know many of the resorts very well, have a bit more vested interest in making sure your photo's are stunning and may also be able to take you to amazing offsite locations!

    two that i love for the cancun/riviera maya area are:
    bicoastal images
    what do you provide: destination wedding photography, trash the dress & beach portraits
    location: cancun/riviera maya, mexico (legally entitled to work in mexico & since we already live in paradise we don't need to charge any travel fees)
    contact: jennifer & manuel salazar
    phone number: mexico~998-184-3633 canada~416-710-8465

    and also del sol photography!

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    Re: Wedding Photographer

    i found a place to see (brief) portfolios of the photographers working with sandals here: caribbean wedding photography partners | sandals resorts

    there aren't a lot of photos to browse but they do give a sense of the quality available. i really like to see the images of 'just folks' at their destination wedding instead of the typical ad models.

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    Re: Wedding Photographer

    thanks for sharing that link, erikaj. those photos certainly are stunningly beautiful! i especially love the shots from daniel marcion in the saint lucia section. those are more the style of photos i would want taken at my wedding.

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