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Thread: Booking Rooms For Guests

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    Booking Rooms For Guests

    when you book your wedding do you book a block of rooms for your guests or are your guests responsible for finding their own accommodations?

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    Re: Booking Rooms For Guests

    for our wedding, we had the hotel set aside a block of rooms for our out of town guests. we didn't actually reserve them but we put in the invitations that there were rooms available at blah hotel but that there was a limited number so those who wanted them should book them quickly.

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    Re: Booking Rooms For Guests

    hi vickie!

    it depends on how many guests you think will attend! the nice thing with sandals is that you have a couple of options:

    traditional group contract
    with sandals and beaches a typical group block will be 10 rooms ( for the fall months you may see beaches only require 5 or 6 rooms) - depending on how your travel agent books the rooms ( and that should depend on which way is most beneficial to you) the deposit can range from 10% of entire room block to $100 plus per room.

    the benefit of doing a group block is that it locks in the pricing for your guests- something many of them greatly appreciate i've found that more and more the guests are expecting the rooms to be blocked for them!

    with this option the bride & groom receive wedding group benefits.

    then they offer a group code-
    this is great when the couple does not want to place a deposit for the group however they still get the benefits of bringing a group to the resort! downside is that the rooms and pricing are not held so each guests is on their own.

    your travel agent should have a consultation with you to explain both of the options and see what works best for you !

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    Re: Booking Rooms For Guests

    i would have the guests be responsible for their own rooms. sometimes when you set aside a block of rooms, you are required to pay for the rooms that are not booked by guests.

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    Re: Booking Rooms For Guests

    my thought is if you are planning a destination wedding then the responsibility of having rooms for your guests is your responsibility. you wouldn't want them to get there and not have a room, so the group booking is a great idea.

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    Re: Booking Rooms For Guests

    i would rather have the guest book it to be fair. i have tried to book other things for friends and family, something as simple as a group of friends getting pedicures was bad enough. my friends and family are not nearly organized enough to let someone else book for them.

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    Re: Booking Rooms For Guests

    group booking is the better option, in my opinion. i want to make sure that there are rooms available for all the guests. it would be pretty disappointing for them, otherwise.

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    Re: Booking Rooms For Guests

    you have all made great points about the advantages and disadvantages of doing a group block for destination weddings!

    fortunately with the popularity of destination weddings the resorts and suppliers have taken those concerns into consideration!

    typically with a group block you and your guests have a great deal of flexibility-

    1. most destination wedding group contracts will allow an attrition (dropping ) of rooms without penalty if done by a certain date. some will allow you to drop down to 6 rooms ( am resorts - beaches for a fall group promotions) and still consider it a group- most will only do 10.

    2. most will only require a core 3 days that everyone must travel ( usually day before wedding, day of wedding and day after wedding) and will allow us to add 3 days pre and 3 days post- this allows you & your guests a great deal of flexibility ( they have 9 days to chose from!) on when they travel! so there is no need for you to organize their travel dates- they just contact your travel agent and the agent works with them.

    in my experience most guests expect the couple to do a group contract to lock in the rates and make sure that there are rooms for the guests to stay in - many resorts sell out during peak wedding and travel times and there are always those last minute guests that are very upset if they can not get a room or if a room is available that they are paying double what everyone else booked !

    i always advise my couples if you think you are having 15 rooms or more to do a group block - or if you def have 10 rooms to do the group block. plus many resorts offer additional amenities to the couple that they do not allow without a group block- some of these are private events or get together's that benefit your guests as well!

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    Re: Booking Rooms For Guests

    jennifer, thanks for the information. i had not even thought about the actual travel time and how long the guests would be staying in the rooms. these are things that would have to be worked out well in advance so that my guests could work out there flight schedules.

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    Re: Booking Rooms For Guests

    that's what's great about so many of the group contracts- there is a built in flexibility so the brides & grooms don't have to worry about accommodating each one of their guests schedules- they just pick their wedding and travel dates, plus they can focus on the wedding and the travel consultant does all the rest !

    plus the guests don't have to panic about figuring those items as soon as the couple books, they have a bit of time and flexibility- built in stress relievers all around !

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