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Thread: Planning a surprize for my fiance

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    Planning a surprize for my fiance

    My soon-to-be husband proposed in the most romantic way and literally mesmerized me. Lately, I have been thinking a lot about coming up with a unique way of appreciating him after the wedding, and the honeymoon presents a really good opportunity. So far I have two ideas; to arrange for a romantic mode of transportation during our stay (say a horse or a carriage ride) or give him a special gift in the most special way, both to and from our destination. What are your thoughts?

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    Re: Planning a surprize for my fiance

    Sounds totally romantic to me! I think he would really love it. What kind of gifts are you planning, if you don't mind telling me? I'm just curious because I was thinking of the same kind of thing only a few days before the wedding.

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    Re: Planning a surprize for my fiance

    malia , your thoughts are cool. All plans can work but I think you should arrange a carriage ride and surely it will different and exciting for your partner appreciate him in this way.

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