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Thread: Valentines day...

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    Valentines day...

    anyone doing anything special? who makes the plans? you or your significant other?

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    Re: Valentines day...

    my man is a very hands on kind of guy and he always makes the plans. that's not a problem though because he knows me very well and knows exactly what i would like.

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    Re: Valentines day...

    my fiancee and i are going to enjoy a nice home-cooked meal and catch up on our couch-snuggling time. =) we'll be hitting up the closest redbox, renting some movies, eating popcorn, and enjoying a night in.

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    Re: Valentines day...

    well, i planned to visit hill station with my wife but i didn't go anywhere because of urgent meeting with my boss, but we will go venice to spend romantic holidays and my wife is happy with this plan.

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    Re: Valentines day...

    really good to see that all of you have shared here really nice and good information about your valentines day...i really like this and like to share here that i have enjoyed my recent valentine in paris with my fiance.

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    Re: Valentines day...

    well, i have enjoyed a romantic candle light dinner on the valentines day with my love at the jade mountain resort which made the day and its celebrations really remarkable for me due to its good arrangements and fabulous atmosphere. here is a view of our dinner arrangements.

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