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  • Honeymoon Match Quiz

    Of course, nothing beats an actual in-person consultation with Sand & Sun Vacations, but here’s a fun way to get an idea of what honeymoon destinations might fit your personality, your interests, and your travel style. Take our short quiz, check out the results, and then schedule your free honeymoon consultation for a more in-depth discussion of the perfect "escape" for you.


    Picture your dream honeymoon in your mind, and choose from the description(s) below.
    KEEP IN MIND that you can choose more than one answer in each category.

    • What do you see outside your hotel window?

       Palm trees & beaches
       A Vibrant City
       Rolling Countryside
       Majestic Mountains
       Nothing but ocean

    • What are you wearing?

       Bathing suit and flip flops
       Cute sundress and sandals
       Designer jeans, shoes and handbag
       My best "clubbing" outfit
       Golf shoes, SCUBA gear, or bike shorts
       Hiking boots

    • What are you doing?

       Laying in the sun with a book
       Drinking, dancing, and making new friends
       Soaking up new culture and customs
       Getting outdoorsy and adventurous ( hiking, ziplining, rafting down a river)
       Perfecting my golf/tennis swing
       Enjoying a cold drink at a swim up bar
       Visiting historical sights & museums
       Sightseeing with planned tours
       Getting Wet & Wild ( scuba, snorkeling, watersports)
       Hanging out with the Locals

    • What are you eating/drinking?

       Fresh seafood in a beachside shack
       Eat with the locals - love trying exotic new foods I've never tried before
       Gourmet food/wine in a five-star restaurant
       Toes in the sand with a Candlelit dinner on the beach
       A picnic lunch that I picked up at the local market
       KISS- Keep it Simple with an All Inclusive resort

    • What souvenir are you bringing home with you?

       A bottle of the local beer/wine
       A piece of art to display in our home
       A photo album full of jaw-dropping scenery
       A suitcase filled with amazing purchases
       Nothing but a suntan

    • Where do you want to rest your head?

       My own little private enclave (villa, bungalow, private island)
       Resorts with local flavor & character. I want my resort to remind me where I am !
       Modern resort - full of glam & trendy!
       I'm partial to chain resorts/ name brand. I like to know exactly what to expect when I arrive.
       All Inclusive- I love the idea of having everything included!
       Adult or Couples Only Resort !

    • No other travel agency is so dedicated to two people in love!

      At Sand & Sun Vacations our friendly travel consultants Experience, first hand, the destinations and resorts that honeymooners LOVE - providing our honeymooners with a complete and honest overview of which destination and resort is perfect for them! You'll benefit from our first hand knowledge, personal photos and honest critiques! No surprises. Our agents are the Honeymoon Experts!


      • Low honeymoon deposits - as low as $150 per person!
      • Personalized service & consultations-our agents only assist a few clients at a time!
      • Customized itineraries - we listen to what you desire for your honeymoon and then deliver the perfect honeymoon package for you - saving you hours of research!
      • Detailed resort recommendations - based on what you desire for your honeymoon!
      • Support before, during and after your honeymoon. 
      • VIP service - Introductory VIP letters to the general managers. You'll benefit from the relationships we've cultivated !
      • Sand & Sun Vacations partners with only the best!


      Please feel free to contact us at Romance@Sandnsunvacations.com or visit our client testimonial page.


      We’d Love to work with you!


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