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Thread: Would you let your friend photograph your wedding?

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    Would you let your friend photograph your wedding?

    My friend is an aspiring photographer and trying to build her portfolio. She's sort of just like assumed she's going to be shooting my wedding. She's good and all, but I don't know if I want her to do it. She's never photographed a wedding before. I know someone has to be the guinea pig, and she's offering to do it for super cheap, but I just feel like I want a professional. Would it be weird to have two photographers?

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    Re: Would you let your friend photograph your wedding?

    I wouldn't want to pay for two photographers, though many do include a second shooter or backup shooter. I wouldn't mind my friend giving it a go, but if you're having a destination wedding you can always say that you're afraid her equipment will become damaged or lost on the flight. Of course, you just couldn't live with yourself if that were to happen, so you'll just stick with another professional.

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    Re: Would you let your friend photograph your wedding?

    If you wind up hating the photos it could cause major problems. Plus, if you run in the same social circles, that could be incredibly awkward for everyone down the road. What about selecting her to take other photos like those you might use on your save the date or wedding invitations.

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    Re: Would you let your friend photograph your wedding?

    Well, I believe in being forthright all the time. If she is looking to build her portfolio, it would be much better if you gave her the chance to shoot your wedding pro-bono. In this way, she'll have something to use as a reference, when hunting for other jobs. If she's a true friend, she shouldn't automatically expect to cover your wedding.

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    Re: Would you let your friend photograph your wedding?

    This is a tough decision. I would be scared that our friendship would be at risk if I didn't like the photos. I also wouldn't want to hurt her feelings and cause issues by telling her no. I can't really help here! I would not know what to do in the situation either!

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