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Thread: Is a planner necessary?

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    Is a planner necessary?

    is a wedding planner, aside from the person who helps you out at the resort, really necessary? i mean, should i hire someone to make sure things get done, or can i trust that the resort will have it sorted?

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    Re: Is a planner necessary?

    you should be able to find reviews for your resort specifically pertaining to weddings, so i would check those out and see how confident you feel. if you can't find wedding reviews, you can always ask them for references from previous brides and grooms. personally, i wouldn't spend the money on a wedding planner unless i discovered that the resort occasionally dropped the ball.

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    Re: Is a planner necessary?

    good to know sierra. we haven't decided where to get married yet so i'm trying to gather all the information i can about the details. as i mentioned before, we are on a tight budget so a planner would be the last resort for me.

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    Re: Is a planner necessary?

    thanks sierra! i'm just worried about having someone there to make sure it runs smoothly. my friends have all had planners, who made sure everything was ready (flowers were where they should be, people were in place, bridesmaids walked on time, etc.). the resort says they have a person, but she won't be there the entire time. i don't really want to spend the money, but we could. i'm such a worrier!

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    Re: Is a planner necessary?

    hi willow! that's a great question. some brides are very comfortable just working with the coordinator at the resort. other brides prefer to have a wedding planner as well. resort wedding packages can be difficult to understand. so i would really recommend a travel agent who specializes in destination weddings, and fully understands what's included, and what's not included, in each of the packages. while there are some wedding planners who try to do destination weddings, a wedding planner and a travel agent are not the same thing! so please make sure you fully understand what the person you're hiring will be responsible for. i've seen many wedding planners try to do destination weddings with disasterous results!
    when & where are you thinking about getting married?

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    Re: Is a planner necessary?

    if you have the money for a planner, i would get one. the peace of mind it will give you will be invaluable, especially on the actual wedding day. anything that helps you stay calm is a good thing in my book!

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    Re: Is a planner necessary?

    i think a wedding planner is the best way to go. imagine how stressed out you will be when the big day arrives and you are worrying if everything is going to be perfect. i know i would be so nervous that the flowers, food or music would not show up if it were left up to me to schedule this all on my own. thank goodness i have a family member who is a professional wedding planner who can help ensure everything goes smoothly.

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    Re: Is a planner necessary?

    i think it would be best to use both a travel agent and a coordinator that is at the resort. travel agents have tons of experience helping people create their perfect wedding destination package. on site coordinators should already be skilled at knowing how to set up a wedding that will give the newlyweds the most satisfaction.

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