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Thread: Disney Engagement Rings!

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    Disney Engagement Rings!

    make your fairy-tale wedding even more real with disney princess inspired engagement rings! which ones are your favorite?

    disney engagement rings from gemvara — seen them yet?
    by: samantha roberts

    simply put, i’m a big fan of all things disney. so when i found out that sierra from heck yeah disney merch used gemvara‘s customization tool and designed engagement rings to fit each disney princess — i had to check them out. some of the styles are so spot on (like aurora’s) that i knew we had to share! would you ever design a ring to match your favorite disney princess? which is your favorite? (mine is the rapunzel engagement ring.)

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    Re: Disney Engagement Rings!

    these are beautiful! they are spot on with each of the disney princesses but don't scream cheesy or cheap.

    the colors are so exact! i would say my favorites are cinderella's and jasmines. the blues are gorgeous.

    rapunzel's and auroras are my second favorites. i wonder how much the prices run though?

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    Re: Disney Engagement Rings!

    these are really neat! i've seen an engagement ring fashioned out of three diamonds into a mickey head and that was amazing. the ones above look more like right hand rings, or anniversary rings to me.

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    Re: Disney Engagement Rings!

    These are very cool if you are a Disney fan. I am a huge fan of Gemvara. You can create your own rings there just to your specifications. The Disney engagement rings feature great colorful stones. I personally have to have a diamond engagement ring.

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    Re: Disney Engagement Rings!

    They are cool, but I love everything traditional. Engagement ring is no exception. My fiance found a cool diamond e-ring on this website . I'm really happy my taste coincided with the ring he picked out.

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