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Thread: Hi fellow brides! I'm new here!

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    Hi fellow brides! I'm new here!

    It is great to find this group! We got engaged last week. I still can't believe it! We are planning a destination wedding, probably February 2019. We're not quite sure where yet, but we are thinking Mexico. I can't wait to read through more of the threads to see where everyone else is getting married. Excited to be here! Katisha

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    Re: Hi fellow brides! I'm new here!

    Welcome! I hope you find lots of great suggestions and help here!
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    Re: Hi fellow brides! I'm new here!

    Katisha, I'm Beatrice. I'm planning a wedding in Mexico too! Even crazier? We were thinking in February 2019! Well, initially, but we've changed it to December 2018 instead. We should totally help each other out!

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