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Thread: Should we use a Travel Agent to book our Honeymoon ?

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    i do use a travel agent when planning but i also do a lot of leg work myself. i do use online booking sites to get an idea of what is available and what kind of rates i might be able to get... but when it comes down to booking time, i go with the travel agent because the travel agent can offer you so much more than simply booking your flight and hotel. they help with tours and give you other advice about making your trip better.

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    before my destination wedding, i never used a travel agent. however, after using ta jennifer for my destination wedding/honeymoon and realizing how much stress she reduced for me...i now use a travel agent for every vacation. not only did ta jennifer assist with getting my guests flights and rooms booked, she helped me so much with correspondence with the hotel which was a huge help. i would have been a nervous wreck without her. she has also great suggestions for future trips and it helps so much that she has been there and knows so much about different locations. i have really enjoyed having her help to select the best locations and resorts so that my husband and i can sit back, relax and have a fabulous time!
    ~ Jen ~

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    hi forever love!

    sorry to be so late in asnwering your question- january is super busy for travel agents!

    the short version is: each travel agency & travel consultant is a bit different!
    some just charge a retainer/plan to go fee- that can vary in the amount that they charge. some may give it back as a resort credit, apply it towards final payment, or after travel. i have seen it range from $50-500.00

    some travel agency's/ travel agents do not charge at all.

    some charge a fee and do not give it back at all.

    I charge a retainer ( cost is based upon several factors) and provide it back after travel.

    if i give it back- why do i charge it all? basically it comes down to we only have so much time in a day and we needed a way to be sure that the brides & grooms/ vacationing couples were as committed to us as i am to them!! at sand & sun vacations we spend a great deal of time and expense educating ourselves about the destinations, through traveling, & doing resort inspections.

    sort of like paying a deposit to a photographer- they have the skills, knowledge and style that you like but to secure their committment to your date you must provide a deposit.

    q. so the next question usually is - why isn't there a set standard and if an agent is willing to do all the work without a retainer - why should we use one that does ?
    a. as in any profession there is a wide range of skill levels and services provided.

    a travel consultant just starting out & building their customer base will not charge a retainer or fee.

    while an agent or agency that is well established and has built a great reputation can justify charging a fee or retainer. they have invested the time, money and effort to build that reputation and quite often find taht tehy are in great demand- from both peopel who wish to truly have them assist in their travel planning and also ppl who are unscrupulous and wish to easily garner teh info but book the travel themselves.

    then there are agency's/ travel consultants that are extremely specialized that will charge a non refundable fee as the amount of time, effort to properly build teh customized itinerary and knowledge demands that they get fairly compensated ( ie a world cruise, an african safari).

    i guess one way to look at it is- you can get a hamburger from mcdonalds for a $1.00 or you can get a hamburger at mortons steakhouse for a bit more. they are both hamburgers but they are a world apart in terms of quality!

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    i was working with a bride planning her honeymoon and she decided to book it online because she found it a few dollars less than what i had quoted her. after a brief explanation to her that i could have matched the rates, provide her service that an online site cannot, etc., i asked if she had the same flights that i had quoted and she said no, they were less on a different airline. i knew that the other airline had flights available because i had researched that for her, but what she didn't realize was that the departure flight and return flight required an overnight stop in miami. needless to say, she was very upset that she tried to do this herself and now had a shorter honeymoon and more expense since she had to have a hotel both nights in miami.

    so as a travel agent, i just want people to know that we have your best interests in mind when researching your honeymoons or vacation packages. we look for the best flight options, resorts that match your needs and wants, and of course we are there for you before, during, and after travel. an online site won't be able to help much when there are flight cancellations or if there is a problem at the resort. there are no fees and we can match prices, so why not use a travel agent?

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    Re: Should we use a Travel Agent to book our Honeymoon ?

    just wanted to bump for all of the newbies!

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    Re: Should we use a Travel Agent to book our Honeymoon ?

    its always better to take help of travel agent.

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    Re: Should we use a Travel Agent to book our Honeymoon ?

    Quote Originally Posted by virginiawald View Post
    its always better to take help of travel agent.
    amen to that virginiawald!!!

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    Re: Should we use a Travel Agent to book our Honeymoon ?

    ours has been a life-saver!! she brought up things i honestly had never thought of before. so my answer is yes.

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    Re: Should we use a Travel Agent to book our Honeymoon ?

    We are having the TA who is planning our wedding also plan our honeymoon.

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