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Thread: Safari in Dominican Republic

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    Safari in Dominican Republic

    i love outback safaris and i heard the best are available in the dominican republic. i have gone on an african safari once where they shot a tiger but it did not get killed. instead it became every angry once it was injured and ran after us. thankfully we were in a fast moving vehicle(i think landrover) and got away in time. but i liked the adventure and would like to do a safari again.

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    Re: Safari in Dominican Republic

    i guess whenever i think of safari's i think of lions, gazelles and water buffalo. when i saw this thread i researched dominican safaris and found that on the tours i found offered you not only get to see the animal life but you can learn about the history of the island and the culture of the people. this is something that i might be interested in doing.

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    Re: Safari in Dominican Republic

    this sounds so cool! i've never even though of going on a safari outside of africa, but i looked it up and the dominican republic has some really cool excursions. the prices aren't bad, either.

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    Re: Safari in Dominican Republic

    i love plants and nature so i would be interested in a real safari where they take you out into the jungle and look at birds and unusual plant species. i can do without the touristy stuff. i am going to look into this because i think a lot of my family would enjoy this too.

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    Re: Safari in Dominican Republic

    going on a safari would be a bit scary to me. but, i do love animals so i am sure i would enjoy it. i would be concerned that a lion or tiger might come charging at us, but i definitely would not want to see any animal harmed or injured.

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