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Thread: Ordering dress online

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    Ordering dress online

    Is anyone else ordering a dress online and having it altered privately? I have found some very nice dresses that are available for amazing prices online. According to the website it will arrive in plenty of time to be altered in time for the wedding. I am a little nervous but am excited to save some money.

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    Re: Ordering dress online

    I'm not doing that personally but I can't fault you for doing it! Ideally, I would want to be able to at least try it on in stores before ordering it, but if I could do that and then found it for cheaper online? Heck yeah I would. You gotta save money where you can!

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    Re: Ordering dress online

    I haven't thought about ordering a dress online. I am looking forward to dress shopping with my mom and seeing her face light up with I try on "the" dress. I think that she is looking forward to it too!

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    Re: Ordering dress online

    I have been looking at dresses online as well. There are some really pretty ones and I think that will be great savings. My future husband will appreciate any money saved and this is one way that I can help!

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    Re: Ordering dress online

    This sounds like a great idea to save a few bucks! I have seen some really pretty ones online. I was wondering if anyone knows which site is the most reputable for ordering wedding dresses? It would really be unfortunate to get burned.

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    Re: Ordering dress online

    Yes! The more money we can save the better! I too am a little leery about getting burned. It's one thing if a package gets lost in the mail, it's another thing if that package is your wedding dress!

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    Re: Ordering dress online

    I am also up for store shopping as I think there you can see in real time if it is going to suit you or not. Online ones scares me to the hell as I have personal experience with some party dresses I ordered in the past which were completely different in reality as compared to their photos displayed on the website.

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