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Thread: Dedicated Wedding Planner on site?

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    Dedicated Wedding Planner on site?

    i would like to know how easy it is to find a dedicated wedding planner if having a destination wedding in the dominican republic. has anyone ever used these kind of services there before?

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    Re: Dedicated Wedding Planner on site?

    I'm getting married in the dominican and am working with the wedding coordinator at the resort. It has been super easy, and no need to hire anyone else. Does your resort have one for you to use?

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    Re: Dedicated Wedding Planner on site?

    Before you hire a wedding planner, find out a little more about them and their background. We personally hired Las Vegas Wedding Planner - Make your wedding day unforgettable! to arrange our happiest day and we were not mistaken. They managed to make the months leading up to our big day a little more enjoyable Hope you find such helpful planners too!

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