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Thread: What's the first step?

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    What's the first step?

    Ok, so I'm overwhelmed. I've spent a lot of time searching for resorts, locations, wedding packages, photography, etc, but feel like I am still at step 0. Is it possible to have tooooo much info? I just want to make one decision to get the ball rolling, but can't seem to do it. What is the first step? How did you get started?

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    Re: What's the first step?

    I know the feeling! I know this is going to sound cliche, but GET A GOOD TRAVEL AGENT!! I did what you did and spent days looking down at my phone, and even made a spreadsheet to keep track of the hotels. The wedding packages were enough to drive me batty! I reached out to TA Shelli here on the forum and have been super duper happy ever since. She weeded through all the hotels and sent me her suggestions. I made my wedding deposit 5 days later. No joke! To all the brides out there reading this... get a travel agent to help! Ok, end PSA!

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    Re: What's the first step?

    Just checking Katisha, did you find a TA?

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    Re: What's the first step?

    Wow! I'm new and have already gotten my first tip! I will get a TA to help me with the planning. We are not sure where to go yet, but it is still early. I was just proposed to a week ago! Wish me well and thanks for the help.

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    Re: What's the first step?

    Hey Sammie! Yes, I did! What a world of difference. Thanks for the tip! I still odn't have a lot of decisions made, but at least I have direction now.

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    Re: What's the first step?

    I agree, get a TA and many other service providers to save you the hassle of trying to do everything on your own. I see a lot of brides-to-be trying to beat time and as the wedding day approaches, they are too stressed out and tired and so they keep waiting for the big to come and pass. A destination wedding (in particular) isn't easy to hack and you need a good travel agent to handle the logistics. It's actually good to hear someone recommend TA Shelli; makes it much easier for the rest of us.

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    Re: What's the first step?

    I've been working with Romance Travel and they have been great! Totally took the stress level down several notches! I see several "TA" agents from Romance Travel on this forum. I've been very impressed so far.

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    Re: What's the first step?

    I will totally vouch for Romance Travel Group, too. They have made my life so much easier! And no, I'm not getting paid to say that! hahahaha!

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    Re: What's the first step?

    You have to start by determining the budget, this will help narrow the circle!

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