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Thread: tainted alcohol???

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    tainted alcohol???

    how are you handling these news reports? Not many people have asked me or said anything, but a few have. No one is really concerned, so that's good.

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    Re: tainted alcohol???

    Not many have asked us either, but our TA also sent out some information that she had gotten from the resort that we will be staying at. I think that helped put some of the guests minds at ease. I'm not concerned.

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    Re: tainted alcohol???

    Seems to be more more of a story that the news agencies feel they can "make news" out of vs reporting this story accurately... My travel agent send over this article to us to review. Gov’t Test Finds No Tainted Alcohol at Mexico Resort | Travel Agent Central

    Personally, I'm not nervous about tained alcohol in Mexico what so ever, moving forward with my destination wedding!

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    Re: tainted alcohol???

    These reports are so difficult to weed through, and super frustrating. We’ve been sending clients to Mexico and going ourselves with our kids for years. It is our #1 destination. We have never had problems with Swine Flu, Zika, terrorism, tainted alcohol, etc, etc, etc. I blame the media and their scare tactics for a lot of this. Their reports are full of speculation. For example, the news reported State Department warnings about traveling to Mexico, but in reality, The US State Department issued this: There have been allegations that consumption of tainted or substandard alcohol has resulted in illness or blacking out. If you choose to drink alcohol, it is important to do so in moderation and to stop and seek medical attention if you begin to feel ill.” Basically, don’t drink too much, but not a travel warning. This issue is not unique to Mexico. It happens in our own cities. Don’t only read public news articles from the. Read BBC News and travel news articles. These seem to be much more balanced and logical.

    Hope this helps!
    Romance Travel Group


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    Re: tainted alcohol???

    Thanks, Shelli!

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    Re: tainted alcohol???

    Man, so sick of these news reports! Just this week it was the big freak out over crime rates in the tourist areas of Mexico like Cancun... I saw a very interesting reply that some people were using online that compared the Orlando FL area where Disney Land is located vs Cancun Mexico. Orlando FL had like 4 times more murders for the same time period as Cancun... Funny how the news isn't reporting how scary Orlando is for travelers vs how safe Cancun really is though huh... What a bunch of scare tactic news reporting...

    Cannot WAIT for my Mexico destination wedding!!!

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    Post Re: tainted alcohol???

    Oh, here I found the FaceBook response if anyone is interested!

    In response to our news media freaking out over "Mexico Travel Warnings"...

    In general, Cancun is as safe, if not safer than many popular US travel destinations...
    EXAMPLE => Statistically speaking, taking your family to good old Disney World in Orlando Florida your ** ~4 TIMES ** more likely to be a victim of a homicide than Cancun (or anywhere in the state of Quintana Roo MX)…
    Funny how the main stream media isn't reporting those facts huh....

    Quintana Roo (an entire STATE containing several large cities including Cancun) – Population of ~1.5 Million, reporting 169 Homicides in 2017, Homicide Rate vs Population, 0.011% or 1 in every 8,875.
    In comparison...
    Orlando Florida (a single CITY, home of the popular travel destination Disney World) Population of 277,000, reporting 128 Homicides in 2017, Homicide Rate vs Population, 0.046% or 1 in every 2,164.

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    Re: tainted alcohol???

    Thanks ya'll for sharing this info!

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    Re: tainted alcohol???

    Our guests started asking about all this, too. One person got everyone else in a uproar. OMG, I was so mad at her! But, reason set in and things blew over. We are getting married at a 5 star, well respected resort, not some random dive. Party is still on!

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    Re: tainted alcohol???

    Quote Originally Posted by MissMazie26 View Post
    Our guests started asking about all this, too. One person got everyone else in a uproar. OMG, I was so mad at her! But, reason set in and things blew over. We are getting married at a 5 star, well respected resort, not some random dive. Party is still on!
    There's always ONE guest stirring the pot, isn't there? Hahaha! Enough already with these stupid reports!

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