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Thread: What Is A Babymoon?

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    Re: What Is A Babymoon?

    where was this concept when i was expecting my children? being from the baby boomer generation, there was no get away or vacation before the baby. it was just all work and stress. this is a great idea!!!

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    Re: What Is A Babymoon?

    i don't think we have these here in the uk - is it literally a holiday while you're pregnant? i don't think i could have done that while i was expecting, all our spare money went towards baby stuff...not to mention the fact i felt awful the whole time!

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    Re: What Is A Babymoon?

    i would've loved to go on a babymoon before each of my children. considering they are both nearly grown now, i guess that's not an option. maybe one day i can take a grand babymoon!

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    Re: What Is A Babymoon?

    i'm so glad someone else asked this question. i was starting to feel pretty stupid about being the only one on this forum who doesn't seem to know what a babymoon is. thanks for clarifying that for me.

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