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  1. Ok- this would be weird!!
  2. Jobs - Can't Live With 'Em and Can't Live Without 'Em
  3. Horrible Spam
  4. Superstitions
  5. Traveling
  6. I think I might be expecting ...
  7. Royal Wedding
  8. Jamaica takes manhattan with a surprise reggae flash mob in union square
  9. Play List
  10. Reality Weddings
  11. Going out of town
  12. St. Simons Island
  13. Furbabies!
  14. What are your plans for Labor Day Weekend????
  15. Anyone have a really great travel rewards credit card (ie earn miles for purchases)?
  16. Pan Am, the TV show~Who else is watching????
  17. vacations for animal lovers
  18. Girlfriend get away!
  19. fun trip to Columbia
  20. What are you dressing as for Halloween?
  21. Valentines Day!
  22. Valentines Day!
  23. In honor of Valentines Day- what's your favorite love story movie ?
  24. So what's your guilty pleasure reality show?
  25. Thanksgiving Recipes?
  26. Christmas!
  27. Christmas Celebrations.....
  28. New Year's Eve
  29. Want to take a short Valentine's day getaway
  30. Valentines day...
  31. Cheap lingerie.
  32. Open bar budgets
  33. Cosmos, with Neil deGrasse
  34. Hello All
  35. Wedding Tattoos
  36. Best time to honeymoon in Dominican Republic?
  37. Help! Everyone wants to be a bridesmaid.
  38. Are you buying new lingerie for the honeymoon?
  39. How does a tattooed body affect the wedding?
  40. Hitchswitch name change service
  41. Planning a surprize for my fiance