View Full Version : Etiquette and Dilemmas

  1. Where do I start??
  2. What do you say to the people who complain about your destination wedding?
  3. How many people to invite?
  4. Flower Girl and Ring Bearer
  5. Paying for everything
  6. No kids wedding?
  7. Strippers at Bachelor Party
  8. How much should I get involved with the wedding plans?
  9. Money - What Do You Do?
  10. Intrusive Relatives
  11. Calling off a Wedding
  12. How would you deal with this?
  13. How old...
  14. I'm in a pickle ...
  15. Destination Weddings, how to tell family
  16. Oh my gosh! What would you do?!
  17. Wedding Day...Kids or no kids?
  18. What are your thoughts on getting married while pregnant?
  19. Church wedding versus a reception hall?
  20. Father always pays
  21. Difference of Wedding Planner and Wedding Consultant
  22. Kids or no kids?
  23. What to do about family and friends who can't attend?
  24. How to deal with those not invited?
  25. What could go wrong?
  26. Keeping guests out of the honeymoon part of destination wedding
  27. Do you ship favors ahead of time?
  28. Should We Get Our Marriage License In The US?
  29. Grandma can't come
  30. Special meals for dietary restrictions
  31. Can friend's officiate your wedding?
  32. Destination vs. DIY
  33. Messy hair
  34. Renting a tux at the destination
  35. Lost Luggage
  36. How to encourage guests to use the travel agent?
  37. What If The Families Do Not Like Each Other?
  38. Angry Family Members
  39. Bringing Your Own Preacher
  40. Legal vs. Symbolic
  41. Thoughts? Change Your Last Name, Hyphenating, Keeping Existing Name?
  42. How long to wait for the at home reception?
  43. How much should we tip the wedding coordinator?
  44. Bachelor and bachelorette party ideas with younger party members?
  45. Not inviting because it's your day or inviting because of etiquette?
  46. Who actually handles all things wedding and how much help do you expect?
  47. I'm not comfortable being the center of attention
  48. Invite ex spouse?
  49. How do you budget your wedding on a shoestring?
  50. The Bachelor Party is causing some issues!
  51. Average cost of a wedding these days....
  52. I'm worried about tripping....
  53. Cheat sheets
  54. Is your maid-of-honor up to task?
  55. Father and Step-Father
  56. Is it alright to cry?
  57. How Many Bridesmaids?
  58. Finding a middleground
  59. Venting - anyone getting on your nerves yet?
  60. Do you ever think of eloping
  61. Walking Down The Aisle With Someone Other Than Dad
  62. How big is your guest list?
  63. Premarital Counseling
  64. Do new husbands still throw the brides garter to the men?
  65. I'm the bride - why can't I have the simple wedding I want?
  66. The traditional rules
  67. Should I send an invitation to someone I know can't make it?
  68. Bridesmaid has backed out!
  69. Can someone tell me what are good gifts for the bridesmaids?
  70. Does the future MIL have to go dress shopping
  71. How to collect money towards the wedding?
  72. Where most of the weddings you attended formal or informal?
  73. Gifts from wedding guests
  74. My Future MIL is taking over
  75. Throwing roses